Cafe with a Cause

Washington cafe owners reach out to help kids worldwide

Stop by the Organic Comfort Food Cafe in Puyallup, WA, and you'll be doing something good for your health, and for children close to home and a world away.

Inspired by a mission trip to Cambodia and Vietnam, where she worked with a few orphanages, Patty Rody wanted to do more.

Knowing that America is also home to needy children, Patty wanted to help local foster youth as well as international orphans — providing them "God's comfort and love," she says.

Because she is also passionate about organic food, a restaurant seemed a natural way to raise funds for her mission. So, in December 2007, Patty opened the Organic Comfort Food Cafe.

"I wanted to break the mold of what people expect organic food to be," she says. "So, in addition to traditional organic foods like pure fruit smoothies with no sugar or chemicals, we make everyday comfort food using organic and natural pot pies, meat loaf sandwiches and Beef Stroganoff. In my opinion, you can pay for your health by eating a natural, organic, balanced diet, or by paying health insurance deductibles and hospital bills."

Cooks Who Care

Patty pays employees, utilities and food costs but takes no salary herself. The cafe's goal is printed on the menu, and customers return because they want to support her mission.

"There have been many hurdles along the way," she adds, "but we're doing better than ever now!"