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Bake Sale Ideas

Tips for your bake sale from smart cookies

Bake Sale Ideas

Bake Sale Season is approaching! For schools, churches and communities from coast to coast, these classic fun events make delicious fund-raisers. Here are a few more simple tips to make your next one a sweet success!

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  • It's a wrap: Creative packaging, such as little boxes and cellophane bags, dress up a single serving that can double as a neat gift.

  • Price check: To figure out how much to charge for the goodies, total the cost to make them and double it.

  • Tag, you're it: Tie a blank gift tag to each package so the buyer can easily leave it for a friend or loved one.

  • On the side: Offer soda, milk, coffee and even savory snacks, in addition, to your baked items.

  • Make a list: Have a sign-up sheet for bakers — you don't want to end up with dozens of the same treat.

  • Offer a raffle: Sell tickets for a dollar for a tasty specialty cake or pie.

  • Super size it: Jumbo or "Texas"-sized treats are big sellers.

  • Bonus points: Include the recipe on a cute card to tie to the treat as an added value.

  • Easy to please: Create a price list to display on a wall or easel. You save table space and the time it takes to price each item individually.

  • Keep it simple: Keep display decor to a minimum. The eye-catchers should be the treats and not a bunch of store-bought extras.

  • Tell a story: Offer a scrapbook, handouts or display photos of group members in action to tell prospective buyers more about your cause.

  • One size does not fit all: Single-serve treats move fastest, but some prefer to take a treat to the family or friends, so have goodies packaged by the dozen as well.

  • Round and round: Rotate the stock to ensure that there is always a fresh selection. A lot of visitors come back more than once. You'll want to continue to tempt them.

  • ID tags: Note whether your treats include nuts, dairy or other allergens.

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