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With food and gas prices on the rise, Americans are feeling the pinch. Families are cutting back on travel expenses, entertainment, and other luxury items just to makes ends meet.

Eating Out At Home

When it comes to eating out, Americans are holding back. According to consumer research firm, BIGResearch, 45 percent of Americans are eating out less in hopes of easing the pressure on their wallets. Families are sitting down together at the dinner table now more than ever. This, of course, means more trips to the supermarket, which can be pricey.

Taste of home is here to help! We've done the research and come up with some helpful grocery shopping tips and budget-saving recipes that are sure to ease the strain on your wallet

Gas Tips

Families are also feeling the pinch at the pump, which puts a strain on family activities and every-day errands. According to an American Pulse Survey conducted in May, 57 percent said they were driving less in an attempt to save money. But with school back in session, and children's extracurricular activities filling the calendar, driving is inevitable.

Here at Taste of Home, we've compiled some useful gas tips to help stretch your miles per gallon ... and your gas dollar.

Budget Living Community

Penny pinchers unite! Share your best hints and tips for stretching a dollar...and your favorite frugal recipes for those days just before payday when the pantry is as empty as your wallet.

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A popular trend over the summer was the staycation. A staycation is a vacation where you stay at home instead of traveling outside your city or state. This was seen as a way to get around hefty surcharges and baggage fees at the airport, as well as spiking prices at the gas pump. But this doesn't mean travel and fun should be kicked to the curb. There are ways to relax and have fun without busting the wallet. Here are some fun helpful ideas for relaxing at home. Remember, a staycation can happen anytime of the year!