Whip Up a Fast, Flavorful Weeknight Supper

"Greek Chicken Pasta is one of those recipes that you don't
necessarily have to plan for. It's not fussy."
—Susan Stetzel, Field Editor

Make a Backyard Meal in Minutes

"When I prepare my Santa Fe Strip Steaks, I think of our patio and pool parties. It's a great dish to serve outdoors in the summer when it's warm."
—Joan Hallford, Field Editor

Showstopping Desserts When Company’s Coming

"Layered Turtle Cheesecake is perfect for holidays. It is a nice special occasion dessert—or even if you just want to treat your family."
—Sue Gronholz, Field Editor

Our 1,000+ field editors and contributors take pride in the meals they serve their loved ones each and every day.

For 20 years, they've sent in their favorite recipes—the ones they make on their kids' birthdays, pass around at potlucks, serve on busy days or proudly present to the family at Sunday dinner.

Their families love these delicious dishes—and request them by name. Now they're excited to share them with you in Best Loved Recipes. These taste-tempting recipes are sure to become new family favorites in your home, too!

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