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Scale Your Favorite Recipes Down to Size

Scale Your Favorite Recipes Down to Size Do you skip recipes that serve four, six or more people because there are only two of you and you don't like to have leftovers? Does cutting those recipes in half seem like double the work?

Sesame Chicken

Stir-Frying Speeds Along Satisfying Suppers

Lively lifestyles call for dishes that cook in no time but don't skimp on taste. And when agendas get active, nothing beats a streamlined stir-fry.

Substitutions for Lasagna Recipes

Substitutions for Lasagna Recipes

Easy tips to make lasagna your own way

Chocolate Photo

Tempting, Time-Easing Chocolate Treats

As the holidays near, it seems there's always an occasion that calls for a treat. Whether it's your contribution to an office party, a no-fuss hostess gift or a special present for the teacher, quick-to-fix chocolate confections are lifesavers when you can't spend hours in the kitchen.

Raspberry Cream Trifle Photo

Tidbits about Trifles

"Trifle" is from the Middle English word "trufle"…which means something of little importance. That definition hardly fits this stunning dessert!

Fudge Ripple Brownies

Tips for Making Wonderful Baked Goods

From cakes and cookies to bars and brownies, homemade goodies are a winning way to welcome a neighbor, cheer a friend or show your family how much you care.

Types of Olive Oil

Types of Olive Oil With all the different olive oils on grocery store shelves today, choosing one can be difficult. But it may help to know that olive oils are graded according to acidity.

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