Substitutions for Lasagna Recipes

Easy tips to make lasagna your own way

Lasagna recipes are very "forgiving." In fact, if you don't have one of the ingredients mentioned in recipes, you can make some simple substitutions.

Recipe calls for: Substitute with:
Andouille sausage Spicy kielbasa sausage
Asiago cheese Parmesan or provolone cheese
Burgundy wine Cranberry juice; beef or vegetable broth; tomato juice
Cajun seasoning Creole seasoning
Chorizo Pork, turkey or andouille sausage; ground beef
Cilantro Fresh parsley
Flour tortillas Corn tortillas
Italian turkey sausage Italian or pork sausage; ground beef
Mexican cheese blend Cheddar and Monterey Jack blend or Pepper Jack cheese blend
Ricotta cheese Cottage cheese
Shallots Onion and a little garlic