Preparing a Flaky Crust Is Easy as Pie

Learn the time-honored techniques of creating classic pie dough.

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Pie Photo

Pie Photo

Pie Recipes

No time to fix a from-scratch crust? Take advantage of refrigerated pie pastry and frozen shells available at your supermarket. No matter what type of crust you choose, you can't go wrong with the recipes shared here.

You need only a handful of ingredients for this classic Pastry For Double-Crust Pie from our Test Kitchen. Use it in the recipes below or add your family's favorite filling for a tantalizing treat.

"I like to serve Blackberry Cheese Pie at church potlucks because it tastes unusually good," notes Greg Curtis, Prattsville, Arkansas. "The citrus tang really complements the berries and cream cheese filling."

Hamburger Pie PhotoYou'll love the crispy golden crust and the hearty filling in Zucchini Hamburger Pie sent in by Margery Bryan. "It's a great way to use up homegrown zucchini," says the Royal City, Washington gardener. "Plus, the leftovers freeze superbly."

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