Cucumber Fan

Cucumber Fan Step 1

Step 1: Cut a 5- to 6-in. cucumber in half lengthwise; trim ends and discard. Then make a 2- to 3-in. diagonal cut across one cut end.

Cucumber Fan Step 2

Step 2: Starting with the end that's diagonally cut, make an odd number of thin cuts to within 1/4 in. of the edge of the cucumber. On the last cut, slice all the way through the cucumber.

Cucumber Fan Step 3

Step 3: Starting with the second slice of the cut section, bend and tuck every other slice toward the uncut edge. To vary the size of fans, increase or decrease any odd number of slices.

Tomato Rose

Tomato Rose Step 1

Step 1: Starting at the base of the tomato, use a paring knife to peel a thin continuous strip around the tomato, finishing at the stem end.

Tomato Rose Step 2

Step 2: Place the strip, skin side down, on your work surface. Beginning with the stem end of the strip, roll the strip up to form a coil.

Tomato Rose Step 3

Step 3: When the strip is almost completely rolled up, place tomato rose on its base and tuck the end of the strip under it.

Cucumber Spiral

Cucumber Spiral Step 1

Step 1: Push a wooden skewer through the center of a 3- to 4-in.-long piece of cucumber. (If you don't have a wooden skewer, a thin wooden spoon handle also will work.) Then hold the cucumber at an angle above your work surface.

Cucumber Spiral Step 2

Step 2: Place a sharp knife at a slight angle and cut through the cucumber until the knife touches the skewer. Leaving blade against skewer, rotate cucumber away from body and continue cutting around the cucumber so each cut is 1/4 in. from preceding cut.

Cucumber Spiral Step 3

Step 3: Remove the skewer and pull the ends of the cucumber to form a spiral. If you make the spiral ahead of time, wrap it in its original shape, then extend it just before displaying it. You can join the ends to form a circle. To make a more delicate spiral, keep your cuts closer together.

Zucchini Asters

Zucchini Asters Step 1

Step 1: With a cheese slicer or vegetable peeler, cut a very thin slice down the length of the zucchini. Repeat, making one slice for each flower.

Zucchini Asters Step 2

Step 2: With a small sharp knife, make cuts along one edge of the slice so it resembles a comb. Keep cuts close together and be careful not to cut through the opposite edge.

Zucchini Asters Step 3

Step 3: Gently roll up zucchini slice and secure at the base with a small piece of toothpick. Stand upright for "petals" to open. Use chopped pimiento for the flower center.

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