Impress Guests with Special-Occasion Souffles

Open the door as few times as possible during baking and carefully close it to prevent the souffle from collapsing. (Banging the door shut could cause it to fall.)

To check for doneness without opening the oven door, first view the souffle through your oven window. If the souffle looks risen and browned on top, it should be firm enough not to fall.

Then open the door and touch the top of the souffle lightly with your hand. If it feels firm, it should be done.

To double-check for doneness, insert a wooden or metal skewer or sharp knife at a 45° angle through the souffle into the center. If should come out clean. A properly cooked souffle should be firmly set around the outside but still moist and creamy in the center, not overly dry.

A souffle will stay puffed up for at least 1 to 2 minutes after being removed from the oven. It's common and to be expected that it will collapse shortly after, so present this distinctive dish immediately. Your guests will surely fall for it!

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