Since cream puff pastry is not sweetened, it's versatile and can hold a variety of fillings. Savory mixtures, like chicken, tuna or seafood salad, are perfect fillings for elegant luncheons or special-occasion appetizers.

Sweet centers, such as custard, whipped cream, mousse or instant pudding, are popular for dessert puffs.

For fast final touches, busy bakers no longer rely solely on confectioners' sugar to jazz up cream puffs. Whipped cream and sliced berries are a few of the items used to garnish puffs with effortless yet unforgettable flair.

In addition, toppings like fudge sauce bring homemade pizzazz to cream puffs purchased from a bakery or a grocer's frozen food aisle.

Just be sure to serve the cream puffs immediately after filling or topping them so they don't become spongy.

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